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Baby Beach Day! Class starts at Baby Beach August 8, 2022

What would be better after a hot summer workout?

  • Getting your sweaty self and sweaty kids in your car and going home for lunch and naptime?
  • Or getting your sweaty selves into a swim suit, getting out your pre-packed lunch, and hanging out at the beach right after class with all your friends?

That's a no brainer! So that means we'll see you at the beach right after class! But park at Baby Beach BEFORE class. WE WILL WARM-UP ON THE GRASS IN FRONT OF THE SAND.

Not familiar with Baby Beach? It is a regular ole beach on the ocean, but no waves, and it's small. It's called Baby Beach because it's perfect for young kids to go into the ocean safely, and not get toppled over. Also, it's soooo easy to access - no long walks down to the beach, or big hills, or lots of stairs. Just park your car, walk 100 feet, and you're on the beach. SO EASY!

A tip about parking at Baby bBeach around 9:15am. Summer Camp drop-off is happening at the same time. It may SEEM like you won't find parking. Just give it a few minutes and parking will suddenly open up, and there will be plenty of it. And it's FREE!

Some things you could bring:

A portable shower (one of those bags of water that has a shower head)
Beach Umbrella
Beach blanket
Swim suits for y'all
Beach toys
Charged phone for all those cute beach pics

Mon, Aug 08

Baby Beach Day! Class starts at Baby Beach • 9:30am - 12:00pm Instructed by Caralee Macrobie and Madeline Walkon at Baby Beach