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Chili Cook-off June 17, 2022

Do you have a famous chili recipe that will be sure to win a Chili Cook-off?? Bring it to class for our Chili Cook-off picnic and play date! (Keep it warm in a crock pot or something).

This mini Chili Cook-off is in preparation for the REAL DEAL on the 4th of July where all Fit4momers will join together on a team to compete in Caralee’s neighborhood Chili Cook-off (see the 4th of July event details on the calendar). Bring your recipe with you so, after we’ve all tasted the chili and voted on the best one, we can begin preparations for the big day. WE ARE GOING TO WIN THR TROPHY!!

BUT there are some rules to consider when you are choosing your recipes:

1: All chili on the 4th of July MUST be made from scratch - no canned chili even in the recipe.
2: All chili MUST be made ON SITE, on the 4th of July. No prepping the night before or soaking the beans the night before. We will use table top grills or a BBQ.

Please keep these rules in mind when you make your chili for our mini cook-off. We want to be able to legally make whatever chili wins for the 4th of July. But for our mini-cook-off you make it all ahead of time and bring it to class.

HAVE QUESTIONS? Text us: 949-373-3785

Fri, Jun 17

Chili Cook-off • 10:30am - 11:30am Instructed by Caralee Macrobie at Aliso Viejo Community Park